Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two new Serge Lutens

There are two new interesting sounding Serge Lutens perfume releases coming!

A new "Haute Concentration" perfume, Fille en Aiguilles (Girl in Heels), will be added to the line. Fille en Aiguilles contains notes of pine needles (an interesting play on its name, which directly translated means Girl in Needles), vetiver, fruits and incense. Perhaps the vetiver detracts from its feminine name and forecast it as being a unisex perfume like the vast majority of his line. Here's hoping!

The second new release is called Fourreau Noir, which will be an addition to the exclusive line (sadly!). I hope that at its initial release Lutens releases it internationally as well, even if for a limited time. Fourreau Noir translates to "Black Sheath" (as of a sword) and is a dark, silky and slightly smoky blend containing notes of almond, tonka bean, and lavander. Sweet! Sounds luscious.

Release date unknown as of yet.

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