Monday, June 1, 2009

Serge Lutens - Rousse

Rousse is a relatively tame scent from Serge Lutens that would smell like it was concocted by another house if it weren't for the signature "Lutens accord" in the base. It opens with a blast of cinnamon and orange, undertoned by a very slight aromatic cedar. The opening is a little irritatingly sharp and smells a good deal like red hot candies. I'm not usually one for reducing fragrances to immature negative comparisons in an attempt to demean the fragrance, but it is strong here.

After an hour this connotation has escaped the scent thank goodness, and what remains is a not-so-orange heart of cinnamon, cedar, and SOFT nutmeg. As it leaves this phase, the cedar falls into the background, allowing the nutmeg to take a more prominent role while the perfume blends into a lush amber and vanilla drydown over time. Quick though the oranges go, this is not a quick to vanish perfume and has moderate projection.

This sweet, gourmand perfume turns out very nicely after the red hot candy opening is done with, and would work well on both men and women and in all seasons.

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