Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hermessence: Vetiver Tonka

Hermessence is a little line by Hermes. Throw a mental accento above the second "e" there, I'm not well suited to that sort of thing on a computer. :)

Vetiver Tonka is composed of vetiver and tonka. Boy, what would you do without my guidance?

Only kidding. There is more to it than that, but those two notes stick out far beyond the others.

Upon smelling this you will immediately get smacked with tonka, vetiver, and neroli- in that order. This is in my opinion a good, tolerable smack as it is not overly complicated like many common designer scents can often be. Vetiver and tonka are two notes which suit eachother very nicely. The neroli is honestly barely noticeable next to them.

The scent stays fairly linear throughout its GREAT longevity - and I do mean great. As it dries down you may catch a hint of hazelnut if you have a keen, matured nose. I have to really focus on it to pick it up.

Vetiver Tonka has a great zing to it and is mostly a masculine scent to my nose. Vetiver is just one of those notes that resonates masculinity to me. If this type of scent is up your alley, you should check out Andy Tauer's Vetiver Dance. VT is like a very simple version of VD.

I will say this is not a scent which has scored high with the opposite sex. Not like it matters ;)

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